How Claesen's became Claesen's

It’s quite simple, really. Claesen’s makes something you wear all day, every day. They had better be really comfortable. Our inner wear is the fruit of over two decades of Dutch design sensibility, honed over the years and crafted to perfection.

In 1993, a Dutch couple – Gerard Den Boer and Deborah Blauuw started Claesen’s in Amsterdam. Today, it’s headquartered in Haarlem, with presence over 20 international markets. Noticing the need for quality innerwear in the Indian market, Nayanika Pawar launched Claesen’s here in 2013.

Taking to the market like a duck to water, we are available today at over

250 outlets across 40 Indian cities. The recipe of our quality fabric and stitch craftsmanship rests safely in the hands of Edison Devaraj, who has been heading our production facility in south India since 2001.

We’re not much for boasting. (Although, we’re amazing at what we do.) Today, we make men’s and kids’ innerwear and loungewear. We also make fantastic swimwear for children. Each and every one of which begins with our superior choice of cotton fabric.

It’s then guided by excellent Dutch design to be stitched for the perfect fit.

We’ve been at it for 25 years. And we’ve only gotten better. Of course, you’ll know how all that experience and Dutch craftsmanship feels when you wear a pair of Claesen’s.

Claesen’s is an authentic brand priding itself on quality & craftsmanship. Originated from love and work a great international dutch design, the brand has evolved to now one of the nicest there is.